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  • About Infotheek

    Infotheek has been active since 1991 with our concept which involves the standardization of IT hardware. Then we were a two-person company focused on students with a limited budget, and the need for computers to write reports and theses. Now we are an internationally active IT hardware and software reseller that helps more than 12,000 businesses to save on their IT costs.

    Infotheek's success formula

    Developments in the IT industry is incredibly fast. Newer models are constantly replacing yesterdays. We buy and offer over-produced hardware from last generation. These earlier models can be much more beneficial for you, because by this we can offer a big price advantage. Unlike other companies, we at Infotheek can, based on your needs, also advise you to buy the previous generation of hardware instead of the more recent. It is much cheaper and meets in many cases all performance requirements. We also see an increase in demand for used hardware offered with a guarantee, because it can be a cheaper solution for many companies that need such a specific solution.

    Standardize your organization.

    Good management of your IT infrastructure will help you save money. Your organization probably work with a number of selected models. Infotheek ensures that the previous generation, refurbished models and new models can still be delivered in up to five years. This allows you to continue to control and assure a homogeneous infrastructure over time. It also means that the administration of different models / platforms can be kept to a minimum. Infotheek therefore offer you savings in terms of both purchasing and maintenance costs!

    We also offer:

    • Rent and leasing opportunities
    • Repurchase of hardware, logistics and management.
    • Extended support services, with experienced specialists in various industries
    • Multiple shipping options based on specific customer needs
    • Multiple billing / payment options
    • Delivery next day across Europe

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